sycamore bonsi

carcarJune 26, 2014

I bought a sycamore seedling 3 years ago, put it in the ground to grow. The trunk is now about the size of a quarter. How large should it be before I can dig it out and start it on becoming a bonsi? I have snipped the top down some the last 2 years so it doesn't get to tall. Should I dig it out and pot it? What's next?

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Do dig it out and pot it - next April. It's now full summer as far as the tree is concerned and not a good time to dig... the best time is just before buds open - have filled out but not yet leafed. Are you sure though that you want a tree with such large leaves? Not a popular bonsai subject because of that.

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yes, I saw one on the internet once and it was beautiful. I was told that if you continue to cut the leaves in half that they will eventually get smaller. Is that true?

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Yes, but there's more to it... like when, how much/many, etc. etc. Not something to do right off the bat (or for a few yrs yet anyhow).

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