Serissa Trunk Covered in Leaves

VolvoV70(5b)June 29, 2014

I purchased this Serissa at the same place I purchased the Japanese Elm (?) and in retrospect, realize that I should have stuck with my original intent -- a Ficus -- which I could have purchased at my local nursery in Ajax and couldn't kill. But hubby, ever the enabler, encouraged me.

After bringing it home, I Googled images of Serissa Bonsai and none have the amount of leafy growth on the trunk as this does. Being a fussy plant, I'm afraid to prune it let alone re-pot it knowing all the leaves will turn yellow and drop in due course.

Should I bother attempting to work with it as a Bonsai or simply attempt to keep it as a houseplant? I live in a Viceroy type house with ceiling to floor windows facing east and west, hubby has said he's going to get me LED grow lights for Xmas. I've read all the info I can on the internet including using a pebble tray with water below the stones to keep the roots dry and humidity up.

Suggestions or recommendations?

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Hi - Xmas is too late for those lights - you'll need them by October at least, but as far as the foliage goes, I kind of think it's neat, and many of those growths will extend and become branches in time. It may have taken on that look because it was kept in too much light (it can happen, depending on what was used) and the plant didn't need to extend out for sun as most plants do. Why not bonsai something else, and keep this for a real jungle look?

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Thank you so much, Moochinka, for responding. I was starting to feel quite lonely here, this is my 3rd post and you're my first reply!!

Do you think I should put it in some Bonsai mix even if I keep it as a houseplant or leave it in it's original container? The current soil seems dense but it's obviously working for this plant.

p.s., I went to my nursery and got a Ficus!! :D

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If it seems happy in the present mix, I would leave it alone, but if not, then try another one, maybe with more grit, so if 'accidentally' watered too often, it won't rot as quickly.

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