Lily Society Sale at Chicago Botanic Garden Sunday

linnea56(z5 IL)March 13, 2010

For those in the Chicago area who might be interested, the Wisconsin-Illinois Lily Society will be having their spring lily bulb sale this Sunday at 1 pm, followed by a free lecture. It will be held in the Education Center at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Wisconsin-Illinois Lily Society Lily Lecture

March 14, 2 p.m.

Preceded by the Society's Spring Bulb Sale, starting at 1 p.m.

Featuring unusual lily bulbs at affordable prices just in time for spring planting

The Wisconsin-Illinois Lily Society presents a lecture, "Put Glam in Your Garden with Lilies," on Sunday, March 14, at 2 p.m. Winnetka resident Woodruff Imberman, president of the Wisconsin Illinois Lily Society, will teach simple propagation techniques for growing lilies, and describe the wide variety of lilies that flourish in the Chicago area. Attendees will learn how to design a garden with lilies so that some are in bloom all summer long. Mr. Imberman is the author of numerous articles in regional and national horticultural magazines on lilies, is an amateur lily hybridizer, and has won many awards for his lilies.

I dont know what varieties they are offering (IÂm just a member, and a new one at that, not an organizer). My garden is so stuffed that I like being able to buy one, rather than 3, of something as the online vendors always seem to sell them.

For those who arenÂt Botanic Garden members, the Garden does charge for parking (thought I should give a heads-up, just in case!).

Here is the Garden website in case you want to see what else is going on that day to help justify the trip. ThereÂs a gesneriad show and sale too. (African Violets, etc.)

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linnea56(z5 IL)

moving it down...

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Well, well, well...aren't you going to let us know what all you got? Did they have some great buys? You went, didn't you? If you went, I'm sure you had to buy some lilies.


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linnea56(z5 IL)

I actually joined the lily society last year. The first such group Ive joined. I volunteered to help out at the sale, since I was going to be going to the lecture anyway. Im not sure if anyone came from seeing my post, but I figured it wouldnt hurt. Its a small club, they try hard, and they could use the money. It was smaller than their fall sale, maybe a third of the varieties, which makes sense considering its spring. 2 asiatics, 1 species, 1 LA, 1 Oriental, an orienpet or 2. Something like that.

I actually got quite a bit last fall, so today I just got 2 Alchemy (Orienpet) and 2 Eurydice (Asiatic) . Mostly because they looked yummy enough to eat and I was feeling hungry. Of course I have no idea where these are going to go. Though considerations like those have not stopped me before. I am supposed to be tearing up my front yard this spring, so it could get even more interesting. I might need to pot them, though I dont usually grow lilies in pots.

I have not seen you here for a while, whats new?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I actually got quite a bit last fall
hmmm...I'll bet that is an understatement.

Well it sounds like you behaved yourself, coming home with just 4 bulbs. Though the asiatics are pretty, none of them are fragrant, are they, like the orientals and Orienpets?
I've got several coming from a lily coop, and like you, don't know where I'm going with them...sigh.

I got these:
Honeymoon-Oriental Trumpet
Visa Versa-Orienpet
Nippon- Oriental
Strawberry and Cream-Tango lily
Pink tiger
salmon star-Oriental

What's new you ask...well in Jan I had a lot of tile laid here and am still recovering from that, needing to finish some painting and cleaning. It's hard to stay focused though to get it all done.

Since things have thawed out here, I have started my yearly spring project of digging the Star Of Bethlehem bulbs, trying to clear some new areas or expand existing ones that are free of the Star of Beth.

In case you have missed my many rants about star of beth...aka S.o.b. here is one Invasive bulb in my lawn...complete with pics.

I've been closely looking for all the daffs I planted new last fall. Many are up, but there are several that haven't appeared yet. I will be concerned for them until they emerge, as many were planted quite late, and I fear they may not have rooted in before the ground froze. I sure hope I didn't lose any.

Are you finding a lot of your new goodies emerging yet? I know you are quite a bit farther north, thus later than here.

Might you be interested in trading some lilies, like maybe next year? I'll get pics this year when these bloom.


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linnea56(z5 IL)

Ah, winter: home improvement season! Spring is too valuable to waste time on the house.

It's hard to stay focused though to get it all done. Focus? Focus? If you find yours, can I have some? I have a few projects, mostly completed, waiting for me to get to the rest as well.

The sale had salmon star too-it sold out immediately. Sold out Blackout (Asiatic) too, which I would have gotten, in my never ending search for True Red. Maybe I should have nabbed it right away, but since I was there to help out, it didnt seem right. I waited until the end of the sale.

Yes, I have read about your Star of Bethlehem problem! Makes me cringe now whenever I see anything Ornithogalum in a bulb catalog. Especially the ones masquerading under cutesy non-botanical names, like "Chinchincheree". Even Brent and Beckys sells it, though. Maybe they are not all thugs, I dont know. All I know is that I run when I see the name, metaphorically speaking, like from the mugger I think I see at the far end of the parking garage. You might think of it as a rant, and though it feels good to blow off steam, you have done everyone a service by mentioning this problem. Any thread in any forum that mentions thugs, I open. I had a few in my previous yard.

A story for you: In my youth, my Girl Scout troop in Chicago voted this their Troop Flower. I campaigned vigorously against it. (Catholic school, the suck-ups voted for the "religious flower".) I, being a gardeners daughter, voted for the prettiest one, after taking home the list and carefully vetting the candidates with my Mom. But I think it was 14 to 1 against me. Gives me another reason to dislike Star of Bethlehem now, having had to wear that green sash with the loathed flower badge on it for the next 6 years.

I have Honeymoon love it! I bought it at somebodys end of year sale maybe 3-4 years ago. It was my first Orienpet. The form, the subtle color: wonderful. It was perhaps 7 feet tall in my garden last year. Apart from the asiatics, which seem to increase like rabbits, everything else is very slow. I only really got into lilies a few years ago, so I might not have anything to trade for a while, other than asiatics. Most of my lilies are from Menards, which in the fall has mostly asiatics. I bought a pink tiger 2 years ago: have not seen a bloom yet. Im trying not to buy many orientals: mostly because I know they are supposed to be more particular and Im not sure my conditions are really what they need. Its hard to tell whether they are just naturally slow, or unhappy with my overly moist clay soil. I had yellowish leaves on many of them last year (only orientals), leading me to believe something is off. Ill take pics of mine too.

Where is this lily co-op? Youll be happy to know I ordered tuberous begonias last night!

I dont have much up yet. Some new tulips barely showing on the south side of the house, which is my version of Zone 6. Established Greigii tulips in my ash tree bed, some daffs. No crocuses. Need to move the wire mesh off all the stuff planted last fall when it dries out a bit.

I saw snowdrops blooming at the Botanic Garden yesterday! It was too cold to walk around, these were in the parking lot. Thick clusters of little bent heads, pushing matted brown leaves up on their heads like hats. I walked around pulling the crusts off. I dont have snowdrops, always thought they were too small to bother with. But these were very cute.

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Nancy zone 6

I've been running around trying to find new bulbs locally. I find it so strange that only 3 places to buy bulbs here, no one else seems to carry them at all.
I will back Sue up on those Star of Bethlehem, I dig out a bunch every year right after they bloom. My problem is I have a soft spot for them, I loved them as a child when they grew wild around our farm. I don't know if they are any worse than grape hyacinth though, those reseed & multiply all over the place.
I love lilies, & have been focusing more on orientals & species. I'm going to have to work on them more though, I think orientals seem to decline in my yard. Some I had a few years ago I no longer have, & I'm not sure why. I have good soil that drains well mostly, though there are a few spots that are not so great.

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