Will weed killer kill my daylilies and daffodils?

bigshoes213(7 Sardis, Ms)March 23, 2009

I know insecticide is bad but I have a very large yard and it is all henbit and some clover but mostly henbit. Their is hardly any grass.

My question is will the post emergence weed killer harm these bulbs?

Thanks for any advice.


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Insecticides do not generally affect plants as they are intended to kill insects. Herbicides are made to kill plants, most by being absorbed into plant tissue and trans-located into the roots. Both insecticides and herbicides are considered Pesticides. If your plants have foliage they can be killed by herbicides. If your bulbs have not yet grown foliage most herbicides formulated for post emergence use will not harm them. Al

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bigshoes213(7 Sardis, Ms)

I have no clue what I was thinking last night I meant Herbicide not insecticide. On the label it says it will not kill your grass but will kill weeds. So does this mean it will kill anything except grass? Thanks for answering so quickly.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

So does this mean it will kill anything except grass?

If you have daffs naturalized in your yard, you can always wait and battle the weeds after bloom time and the foliage has about totally died back. You would not want to cut the foliage back on those anyway in the yard.

I would weed around the clumps of DL and daffs if they are in beds, and then very carefully maybe spray the weeds.


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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Depending on where the bulbs are growing and how many you have, you can cover their foliage with something (cans, pop bottles, plastic bags...) before you spray. Wait until any and all spray drift is gone before you remove the covers.

Next year, if you want to use chemicals, I would highly recommend the use of pre-emergents in the fall. They are far better at killing the weeds at the moment of germination than post emergent sprays are at getting rid of weeds that have been growing all winter (not to mention the seeds that those happy weeds are making for next year's crop).

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The herbicide you have is meant to kill "broad leaved weeds" in your lawn. The active ingredient enters the plant though the leaves. The directions call for the leaves to be wet so the herbicide will stick to the leaves. 2-4-D is the active ingredient and can damage a wide range of plants and so should be used ONLY as directed. Al

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