Yippee!! Squill blooming!

tugbrethilMarch 2, 2010

Last fall I divided and potted some Scilla peruviana, and asked you folks for some advice on how to make sure they bloomed. Well, it worked at least partially, since flower spikes are emerging on at least two of the pots! I am surprised, because I really didn't expect bloom until later in the spring--most of what I read indicated bloom in late spring, and it's really only mid spring here. As for the ones that didn't bloom, I suspect that I should have worked harder to separate the bulbs, since the ones that are blooming now are the ones with less than 5 rosettes of leaves. Should I expect some of the others to bloom later? Or will I need to take my little axe, and give them forty whacks this fall?

'Tis a common gardener's malady, to be elated and annoyed at the same time!

Kevin : ])

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knock down

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