planter for around tree trunk?

Tracey3345(Hamptons, NY)January 9, 2007

I have a large tree that comes up through my deck (a hole was cut in the deck floor to accommodate it). I'd like to put a round planter on the deck floor around the base of the tree trunk, but have been unable to find one. (I keep finding those benches that go around the tree trunk instead!). Has anyone seen a planter designed to fit around a tree trunk, or perhaps have another idea? Please, save me from resorting to using an old tire! :)

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Whatever you do, don't use a tire. Tires, being rubber...can transfer much heat to the wood of the tree.
I can see where your choice might be harder to come by....but an old tire should not---in my opinion, be one of them.

I know people have used them....generally, they are seen at an angle, used as a container with plants in them usually out on a lawn or at edges of gardens.
Do keep in mind good drainage.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I think she was kidding. I sensed irony in her plea. ;-)

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I seem to remember seeing terracotta ring segments similar to what you are wanting, but don't remember where. It seems to me, one of the reasons they are not more readily available is it would be difficult to produce the variety of sizes required to serve the market. I have found a few other solutions.

Three of these could be arranged around your tree so that the trunk comes through the center:

Also, if you find an air conditioning duct maker, some other metal shop, fencing company, etc., you might be able to have something custom made to your liking.

Good Luck.

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