Can you transplant sprouting Bulbs without killing the flowers?

pommesMarch 20, 2010

Hi everyone. Question: I have either some Tulips or other types of bulbs sprouting up right where my future veggie rows were planned,,,,from the previous land owner.

A big clump of them are coming up for example where a row of Cabbage is planned.

Is it true that you can transplant sprouting Tulips without killing off the flowers for this Spring season?

Or, would it be better just to plant veggie seeds around the Tulips and just allow them to be part of the mixed culture? I'll have anyways other beneficial flowers mixed in with the Veggies. Thanks

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Nancy zone 6

I think if you can take a clump of dirt with the bulbs, you should be fine. The bloom has already been formed in the bulb, so it should bloom regardless. If it is disturbed a lot, the bloom may not last as long.

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