My Flower isn't growing why?

midnighttulip(Zone 9)March 22, 2009

hi i am getting concerned about my flower! it hasn't been growing for the past year! ive had this bulb for about 6 years now, when i first got it it grew fast it even bloomed in about 15 days! but now it has leaves on the floor...they dont even stay up anymore. it does have green leaves and it has another bulb with leaves coming out of it. this is the type of bulb it is

it is an amaryllis red lion. the first 3 years it bloomed a big long stem with four flowers, then the next 2 years just 2 flowers and this year none! i dont even see the stem from the center trying to come out!

i have removed 3 bulbs about 2 years ago, and had them replanted they are still growing and have not bloomed yet, but they are getting bigger!

the one single bulb i had at the begening is now looking huge i have not dug it out, but yesterday when i was planting some daffodils i was digging and i dugg too close to the bulb and i saw a huge bulb, i did accidently stabbed it. will it dry up?

should i dig the amaryllis bulb(s) out and seperate the bulbs from the original bulb? r should i wait? the plant doesnt seem to dry out all year long! it acctully bloomed during the summer one year, which was unexpected.

thanks in adv.

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Your bulb in the garden in California may not go into a dormant period, depending where you are in California. Nornally it will bloom in May in the garden. Here in Sunset zone 15 they always go dormant when the weather cools. They are planted with 25% of the bulb above the soil in an area shaded from the west. Drip irrigation keeps them growing all summer. I remove the daughter bulbs and plant them separately. I do not fertilize the planting bed but do keep it fertile by additions of compost spring and fall. Red Lion is probably the most common of the Amaryllis sold for Christmas time blooming. Mine are several different cultivars received as Christmas gifts. Al

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Since your bulbs are Amaryllis you might want to also ask about them at the link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Amaryllis/Hippeastrum Forum

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