Hyacinths in little pots

marni37March 28, 2009

I was given a present of these at Christmas. I have never had hyacinths before. How do I keep these until autumn for having once again at Christmas in house. Should I take bulbs out of pots, and store them in garage, or should I just put pots into garage. Thanks for any advice.

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Unfortunately, hyacinths that have been forced tend to not return. I planted some indoor winter bloomers last year and only one has flowered this year, and that one only had about five florets.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

If you have garden space, plant them in a sunny area with good drainage. I have some at least 10 years old. Their bloom isn't as showy as it was the first year so when I tried another color I put 2 per hole. Wouldn't plant them any other way now.

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Thanks, veryzer, and iris gal, for your replies. Looks as if I will not be able to see them flowering in the house next Christmas. Will just plant them out in the garden in the autumn. Is it best to keep them in their little pots until then, or are they best lifted out and dried?

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marni37 - I planted some out that were forced and the bloom wasn't that great the first year, but this year they put on a big show! I think they need a good chilling period to perform well which we had this winter.

You could always plant them out to do their thing and pick up some fresh ones for inside next Christmas. This way you have the bloom and fragrance and can add to your collection in the garden...a win win if you ask me. Good luck!


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Thanks Frank for your reply. It must have been great to see them put on a big show!! I will put them in garden, and also buy some others for Christmas. Marni

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