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flowersinherhairMarch 16, 2011

My boyfriend brought an unidentified bulb home from Jordan two years ago, and has been trying to nurse along the sad, elongated leaves that came out. I moved in a few months ago, and only now asked him about this little plant. He said I could toss it, but I would like to try and save it for him since it has meaning.

Considering it has been leafed out for nearly two years, I am thinking it needs a rest. It has no blooms, just two elongated leaves.

What should I do with it? Trim the leaves and give it time to recover? How long should it rest and how should I store it? Give up hope? I have no experience growing bulbs, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

I attached a link to a photo of the mystery plant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sickly Bulb from Jordan

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

It probably does need a rest, but without a good idea of it's ID it's hard to say if it wants a winter or summer rest.

I would put it outdoors for the summer and keep it watered and see what it does. If it dies back then let it dry out and try restarting in late winter..... but like I said, a good ID would be the safest bet.

How about a closeup of the bulb? maybe push back the soil a little to see how it looks? I wonder if it's some kind of eucomis....

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Hi Kato!
I asked and he is pretty sure it IS a eucomis. Good job!

So if it is a eucomis, I should probably let it go through the summer right?
If the leaves die back, should I remove it from the soil and let it dry out completely?
Does it need fertilizer?
Thanks for helping a totally brown thumb.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

I grow a lot of Eucomis here in the garden, never as a house plant. They die back as a result of the winter frost and begin growing again with the spring weather. The bulb gets quite large about 3 inches in diameter and blooms in July and August here. They like a rich humisy soil that drains well. I think yours would do better in a larger container and kept outside in the full sun. Al

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Its good that someone has probably identified it so you can care for it as it should be.
I had a similar experience with a 'found' Florida while walking near out condo, it was on the sidewalk and wanting to keep the place clean I pick it up.
Having nowhere to throw it I put it in my pocket, then forgot about it.
I brought it home in the pocket and discovered it while putting things away...then I made the mistake of planting it. A horror movie could have been made, this thing took off like h*ll and didn't stop. I finally was able to dig enough of it out and Roundup did the rest.

I later saw this same bulb growing in the County Park engulfing a tree--literally burying it in its foliage.
They speak of the plant that ate America...Kujo...or something like that, but this was a monster from Hades.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

goren- did you ever ID your monster bulb? I'd like to avoid it if I can!

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