Plant ID for this Juniper and Other type.

talondsm94June 4, 2009

I picked these up from an old nursery from the clearance pile and the owner of the place could not remember the names of the plants. I have determined that the one is some type of juniper and the other pine may be some type of small spruce. The yellow/green leaf one with hard light colored branches I could not ID for the life of me. I picked them up for potential bonsai because they were cheap and had allot of character that could be brought out.

Thanks for your help and this is my first post on the forum.

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The one with the bigger trunk is just a common 'yard' Juniper used by most landscapers in North America. The other is some variety of Spruce, these are mostly propagated by woody cuttings. The growth habit of these will vary a lot depending on where the cutting was taken from.

While the Juniper will make a good Bonsai, the Spruce may not. Most common varities of Spruce don't like either root restriction or heavy pruning, they are also very slow growers once potted. If it's in the Ezo family you may get lucky. All you need is a well draining pot and soil mix to keep them growing and happy.


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Thanks Bob. That is what I had thought they were, but wanted to check with someone more knowledgeable. The one that I am having allot¬¬¬¬ of trouble with is the green leafed deciduous one. I can't seem to determine what this one is.
Any and all help would be great. Thanks again

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