Home Depot Bulb Coupon

newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)March 10, 2009

For what it's worth, Home Depot has a 2 for 1 bulb coupon you can print from their Garden Club web site.

You might have to go through the routine of filling out Garden Club online form if link doesn't take you right to coupon.

Might save a bit of money if anyone happens to be there and it's convenient.

Here is a link that might be useful: HD Bulb Coupon

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Thanks for the link. Just might make it a stop in my travels soon.

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hahha, i printed this yesterday and stop by homedepot, got myself some peony tubers.. it was $7.98 (2 tubers in 1 pkg), and the other package is FREE!!!! so i bought 4 peony tubers for $7.98,,, THANK YOU so much for sharing...
i am going back for MOREEEEEEE... :P
I might go get some IRIS bulbs or some daylily bulbs... :)

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No Home Depot close to me, so I sent the link to a friend in another county. She wrote back that the HD near her doesn't accept online coupons. Boo.

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newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)

Glad you scored beautiful peonies, Winnie. That makes sharing worth it.

Schoolhouse, I didn't know all HDs don't honor online coupons! That's bad PR policy cause I'd be ticked off if I got to the store and they said they wouldn't accept it. Kind of like bait and switch. I'll have to call the 2 local HDs and make sure they accept it. Sorry your friend couldn't use it.

I just need 3 kinds of summer bulbs and want to see if I can get them locally instead of ordering online and paying for shipping. Since I already have to go to HD for other things I figure I'm not wasting gasoline checking out their bulbs while I'm there.

I can go without new clothes, jewels and a lot of other things in life but my weakness is flowers and anything associated with them!

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

I took the coupon to my local Home Depot yesterday. They willingly accepted it and I took home a bag of Acidanthera and a bag of Tigritia. When I go to Home Depot it is usually for a home repair product and I don't go into the nursery section. The coupon brought me into the nursery and I am now aware of what they sell at this time of year, so I think for the cost of a bag of bulbs to get me into the store it was worth it both to the store and me. Al

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i went back again to another HD to buy more bulbs,
i got 2 bags of daylilies....for the price of ONE!!
my sisters think i am insane,,,,its like a addiction but no harm & planting stuff is good for our environment!!!
i am going to give some of my friends some coupons..i just print out like 5 coupons..okie, now i just need more land!!! hahahhaha... :P

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HD outlets are not franchises! They DO NOT have the option of refusing coupons issued by corporate HD.
Your friend should call or email the corporate office here in Atlanta and report the infraction. Include the store number or address/location. Demand redress and a discount on a future purchase as compensation for inconvenience and expense.
You will find employees at ANY HD outlet, that are clueless, arrogant, inexperienced, lazy, unqualified, you name it. I can't count the number of department and store managers I have demanded to speak with over the years they have been in business, which began here in Atlanta.
I do not give up and have always received a satisfactory resolution and a discount voucher for a future purchase.
During this economic downturn, they need as many satisfied customers as they can muster! Complain loudly! for as long as it takes.

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Thanks for the heads-up!! I don't often visit HD also and generally never for plants, but I'll be in the area today and will stop by to see what they have that I might want :-) Now that I am no longer in the retail nursery end of things and don't still have my employee discount, I take advantage of whatever good plant 'deals' I can find. As long as the quality is up to snuff.

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I wil write back my friend with your advice, georgia-rose. Thanks.

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I went today, picked up Lily of the Valley (10 ct.), Astilbe (5 ct.), Daylily (5 ct. crimson, gold, peach mix) and Lily (10 ct. mixed pink, peach, white mix)...all bags feel nice and heavy, and I've had good luck with HD bulbs/roots/tubers in the past.

I used one coupon, and my daughter used one as well...the cashier had to call an assistant manager to enter the coupon, since it wouldn't scan. When it was my daughter's turn, the AM said, "You can't use two." I told her it was a separate sale, and if they wouldn't honor it, I wanted the store manager's and the district manager's phone numbers. Amazing--they didn't say another word. I wasn't rude at all, but I am sick and tired of stores telling me a coupon is void/not valid/unacceptable when it is perfectly legitimate.

In fact, we're going back tomorrow to get another 4 bags of plants; there is nothing on the coupons which states we can't. The selection at this early point in the season is fabulous! Cathc this deal while you can...and thanks to the OP for sharing it!

Susan in Kansas

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Thanks so much for posting! I love any excuse to buy bulbs ;-) And 2/1 is a great one. Alana

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Thanks so much for posting this, newbie_in_nj! I shared it with the great group over on the Amaryllis forum as well.

I picked up some great Lily bulbs today; 16 total for $8.00...YAY! I WILL be going back to get more since with this coupoen they are like half price, but fresh. I had no problem using the coupon here in NC.

Thanks again!


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Thanks for posting this coupon. My HD said they don't honor online coupons except for the garden club ones, which this apparently was. I am starting a tropical garden and got a bunch of cannas! :-)

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newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)

Scully931, people in the store have no way of knowing if you filled out the boiler plate Garden Club online form so they were just being prickly/lazy. Fill out GC form online on the HD site just for spite and go back with the coupon and state you're a bona fide Garden Club member.

I got Acidanthera, Crocosmia & Freesia. Bulbs aren't "top size" but I can live with what blooms because I can't keep shelling out money for shipping from top online bulb vendors.

Saved $6.98 on bulbs and spent way more than that on fixins for basement germinating light set-up. Lucky for me the guy who helped me starts veggies indoors and helped me out with economical stuff.

I asked an employee if the store accepted the coupon from their Garden Club site before I looked at the bulbs. He said "Sure you can use it...no point in having a Garden Club if there aren't some perks." Computer didn't take it at check out so they just keyed it in for me.

I can hear all the happy planting buzz which makes me happy!

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