Saving potted daffodils

evaldasMarch 31, 2011


Yesterday I bought a nice small pot of mini daffodils, they aren't even blooming yet, but I would like to know how to take care of them after they do, so that they produce more bulbs and grow next year. There are 4 bulbs in a pretty small container, looks like they are overcrowded in there, so I think I would need to repot, can I do it after they bloom (if I don't disturb the rootzone too much)? Because it looks like more bulbs aren't going to fit in the pot anymore.

Is it like tulips? Do I cut the bloom when they are dead and keep the foliage until it almost dies and then dig the bulbs out, and keep them in room temps? Or is it different?

And then do I plant them in fall and put them into a cool place (like a fridge)? I intend on growing them in a pot.

Take a look:

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

You could slip the undisturbed contents into a larger pot. Some root growth may still be occurring.

If you leave them in this pot they will need water every day since the soil is a complete root mass.

Yes, treat them like tulips. When foliage dies, put in a larger (12-15 inches deep) pot with new soil and plant them deeper. The problem with bulbs grown like this is next year's performance. Bulbs have been denied nutrients and may not perform as well.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I separate them and plant them into the yard. I buy potted bulbs in bloom or after bloom cheaper every year. I also buy bulbs in fall, pot up and then plant out when blooming so I can match the bulbs already blooming in my beds.

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