2nd year tulips - some with flowers, some only with leaves

marni37March 4, 2009

I planted lots of tulip bulbs last year for the first time. I let the leaves die back, and then I took them out and stored them. Last autumn I replanted them in pots, 5 to a pot. A lot of the bulbs have flowers, but perhaps 25 percent have only leaves. Should I discard them, or should I see if little bulblets grow on them. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I measure my bulbs and only replant those 12cm in circumference or larger to lesson the chance of non bloomers. The smaller bulbs can be saved in a nursery bed to increase the size for future blooming. I also must refrigerate my tulips for at lease 6 weeks before planting. Al

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Thank you calistoga for that advice.

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snasxs(7-8 VA)

calistoga, when you refrigerate your bulbs, do you place them in the ice box or the lower section? I want to place them in the freezing section, but I am not sure.

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snasxs, do not freeze your bulbs. I have a small refrigerator in the garage used just for gardening. In your regular refrigerator the fresh fruit emit gasses that can prevent the tulips from blooming when planted. Al

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