boophane and ammocharis

sherryinmaine(5a)March 9, 2012

hi, I know this forum is mostly regular stuff that we like to plant in our yards . . . was wondering if any of you grow the 2 bulbs (s. african) I have asked about.

In my section of the world, they are container plants.

I am looking for a source to buy. The only one I see is telos bulbs. Any others?

thanks, and this is a good forum-

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

I have a large number of each of these and a couple of species of both as well as several forms of both. They are easy to grow for me in containers so you should not have a problem. I imported almost all of mine as I wanted large mature bulbs so have not bought many here in the US (the only species I bought in the US is B. haemanthoides from Guy Wrinkle) so am not real familiar with the best place to buy them in the US to be honest. If you search Boophane on the Amaryllis forum you can see pics of several of my large bulbs. Boophane disticha is on ebay all the time. Do not worry about buying an imported bulb....Boophane are insanely easy to get to grow new roots. Best of luck with your search :o) Dan

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