Can we save my bonsai tree?

BrittydagalJune 22, 2014

My bonsai tree was doing GREAT (it is a flowering mount fuji serissa/serissa foetida) but I went on vacation for a week and I thought it would be okay outside, since it had been raining frequently and seemed happy but I guess it barely rained because it lookes like it is shriveled and dead. I picked at the leaves a little and although they are shriveled they won't just fall off at touch, so I think there is still a bit of life left in them even though it looks like if I don't take the right measures they will. I need help figuring out what to do now! I watered the plant right away and put it back outside so it can do photosynthesis and maybe make new growth but I need advice on how to help it. Maybe it needs to be in shade to recoop? Maybe I need to immerse it? I'm a beginner so I'm very scared to do something on my own without asking advice and making sure I do it right. Can you help advise me on how to save my plant? Thanks.

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In case you did not find an answer yet, there is a link below that I found regarding health conditions and proper care for your tree.
"Unhappy serissa bonsai trees shed their leaves," so this technically means your tree isn't completely unhappy, if it hasn't let go of its leaves yet. Keep it out of DIRECT sunlight, and not too much water. Having it indoors by a window might also be a good idea, so that it can recover in a stabilized environment (despite it being a good outdoor tree). Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Serissa Bonsai Trees

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its not shedding its leaves though, they are just wilting and hanging on. It also seems like the bark has cracked and the insides look white- are they supposed to be green??

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Pretty sure your tree died when left to its own devices outside (I don't know if you're brave or just very optimistic, but serissa is not a tree I'd play Russian roulette with like that). If you can get another one, do whatever you were doing prior to going away and if necessary, leave it with a bonsai nursery when gone, or at least someone you really trust to follow explicit directions.

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