Mushy buds on tulips

chihuahua6(8b coastal SC)March 23, 2009

I purchased two small packs of tulips from Lowes. They came in a biodegradable container which I left them in and buried in my garden. The one open flower on eac one looked fine until it was spent and I patiently waited for the smal buds to mature. Well the never did and when I checked they were mushy.

Does anyone know what could have happened? Everything else is thriving, plants, seedlings, planted bareroot perennials and corms.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Well, it's possible that the container (probably peat?) stayed too wet in the ground or interfered with good drainage from the potting medium and caused the bulbs to rot. On the other hand, just the change from a greenhouse environment to your garden site may have caused the buds to abort. (I think I understand you to say that these were potted, blooming bulbs when you purchased them.) My tulips were late emerging this year for some reason, and wouldn't you know, the week they began to bloom we had eighties everyday. The blooms were spent in a week. This is only one of the many problems we have with tulips in the deep south, alas.

Oh, and, by the way, you typically get only ONE bloom per bulb, so whatever bulbs in the pot were already blooming when you got them....well, you get it.

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