Hokkaido Elm losing leaves

cooleyanJune 26, 2007

Hello everybody. I'm new to Bonsai and new to this forum. I recently purchased a Hokkaido Elm that is around 8 years old and I potted it in a bonsai pot. I've had it for about a month now and some of the leaves are browning and falling off. It sits outside on my back porch and recieves direct sun only during sunrise and sunset.

I have seen little white bugs on it as well and I don't know if they're mites and if they are part of the cause. Since I am new to this I'm not sure if I potted it correctly either. I took it out of it's container and just placed it in the pot. The soil that it was in looks like regular potting mix with those small white granular things. This tree seems delicate and maybe it is too advanced for me.

I am open to any suggestions and critisism. I can take pictures if it helps.



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Its best not to repot at this time of year, better to wait until its dormant. Sun is not a problem, mine sits in almost full sun all day. Also, regular potting soil is a sure fire way to kill any bonsai. You need fast draining bonsai mix. Check where you bought your bonsai or look online, theres tons of places that offer specific soil. You could also spray your elm with neem oil or malathion if you suspect bugs. Its always best to do plenty of research before buying a tree and getting into bonsai. Hopefully you have read some books and theres plenty of good online sources to get you going.

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