Tulips, hard freeze this weekend

chickadee77(z6a)March 21, 2008

I planted a ton of tulips last fall that are coming up really nicely right now. I had several inches of oak leaves that had piled up on them over the winter, and just last week I raked them all off. Many of the tulip leaves are growing up to about 3"-6". Should I bother with mulching them over the weekend with the hard freeze coming up? I have read posts from last April's disaster freeze, and it seems that if they have not yet bloomed they should spring back. Any advice would be appreciated.

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jqpublic(7b/8a Wake County NC)

Nope. We had tulips that survived teens and 20's last spring. They make a chemical that protects the leaves during cold spells...thats why they do so well during the spring. You'll be fine. Especially since the tulips here haven't started blooming yet, I doubt you even have any tender buds yet.

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thanks! They did seem to do just fine. only one more night of 20 degree temps. Hopefully we won't have to go through what we went through last April. (knocking on wood)

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This points out the reason why mulch should be left until chances of frost has well passed. The foliage that has come up may pay the piper...and wilt...but the bulb will have stopped producing and will wait for better weather.

Putting the mulch back can help the soil to keep its temperature more firmly in line with when the bulb will want to come up.
There's lots of time yet before their slumber is aroused.

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in my defense, it was a pile of pin oak leaves that collects over my beds throughout the winter, and they had become very wet and matted. things were starting to mold and I had to do something. I am going to get a bag of mulch for tonight (20s again) for my perennials which are really starting to sprout. No buds on the tulips yet. everybody has daffodil buds right now....hope they'll be okay.

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LindaMA(MA z5)

I planted my tulip bulbs last fall and topped the bed with grass clippings and different types of leaves from all the trees in my area. The leaves and grass clippings will not hurt the bed, it's actually a good idea to leave them there and let them decompose, especially if they're shredded, it's better for the soil and also keep the bulbs warm.

I'm so excited, I counted 15 tulips poking through the soil early last week. I also planted some daffodils so I could have some of each poking through.


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