when should I prune Chinese Juniper

bkwangJune 28, 2007

Hello! I recently became the proud owner of a 3 year old untrained Chinese Juniper from a bonsai nursery. I have been doing my research to a great extent and I understand how to prune but I have read many different opinions of WHEN to prune. When I received the plant (about 2 weeks ago) I repotted it from the plastic pot it came in to a bonsai pot. I did a 20% root trim and the care sheet it came with said I could prune any branches but I was worried this would be too stressful on the plant since it had just made a trip through the mail and I repotted it. The books and internet sites I have looked at say different things: some say you can prune any time there is new growth, some say you can prune when you repot, others say you should only prune in the winter.

Help! Which if any of these are correct? Since I live in Florida can I prune any time of the year or should I wait? If I wait should I still do the pinch trimming in the mean time. Any help will be greatly apprecated. Thank you.

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Hi - you asked the wrong question :-). It's not about when to prune, but when to repot, and that would be in March, though depending on how lucky you get (being so late) junipers are known to be repottable later than other trees. Care sheets are literally worse than useless as they are as likely to apply to some tropical plant living indoors as your very-outdoor juniper! It's best to repot (& root prune), branch prune, and wire at different times, because it's less stressful to the trees. Branch pruning or chopping is best in late fall or winter, but cutting twigs to neaten foliage can be done anytime really. Even in Fla. trees have seasons and now is not the time to repot or prune major branches.

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