Dagnabbit those nasty critters!!

paddlehikevaMarch 16, 2010

The snow FINALLY melted in my yard and I was devastated to see that where I once had wonderful tulips, I now have superhighway mole/vole tunnels. There is not one bulb left. I bought these bulbs years ago on a trip to The Netherlands and they have done so well for me. I have neighbors who stop to visit me each spring because they want to see the tulips up close.

These tulips had naturalized better than any other tulip I have planted. I have traded them on GW and if anyone I traded with have any to trade back, I would be EXTREMELY grateful.

I need to make sure my cat spends a little more time in that part of my yard. She is a great hunter!


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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Sorry to hear that Kathy..... IMO voles are one of the WORST pests a gardener can have. In a bad year anything from lilac to crocus to carrots are in danger.

I wish I could help with the tulips. I'll have plenty to share come summer, but they're not as rich a red as yours are. I'll get a couple pictures when they bloom and see if there's anything you want.

Just thinking of vole damage makes my blood pressure rise. At least the rabbits leave a little nub that MIGHT have a chance of growing back... voles chew the bulb, stem, bark... and then suck out the roots from the soil like little spagetti strands. There's nothing remotely worth saving after they are through the area. grrrrrr

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Yep, those voles are the worst. My cat went on a hunt the other day, but I never saw what she was stalking. I sure hope it was a vole. There is one pitiful looking tulip that has now started to grow.

I would sure be interested in a trade, I am more interested in daff's than tulips. But I plan to dig some of both this year.

Between my dogs and the ever present hawks in my neighborhood, the rabbit population is not too bad. They did eat the leaf tips on some tulips before there were other options for them to eat. I am actually surprised that some of the other plants in that bed are doing as well as they are. Late last summer, one of the roses in the bed blew out of the ground because so many of the roots had been devoured. It is now leafing out and looks like it will survive.


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