sparaxis bulbs that are NOT orange?

jacqueline9CAMarch 21, 2013

Our climate here in No California is almost identical to where sparaxis come from in South Africa. It's called " Mediterranean" - similar to Southern France. So, I have successfully planted lots of sparaxis bulbs over the years. They are spreading, and unlike tulips or most daffodils, they actually come back every year, and increase.

My problem is that 90% of them are the most garish, bright orange you can imagine. The others vary - white, yellow, a gorgeous dark velvet red, mixed, etc. I am trying to find a source for sparaxis bulbs that are NOT orange - does anyone know of one? All of the nurseries and catalogues I have seen just sell "mixed" colors, which turn out to be mostly orange.


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

If you collect and plant the seed from the plants with your preferred colours in June then a fair number of them should flower the following spring. Remove all the orange ones and you *should* begin to develop a strain with the colour range of your choice.

A fairly gritty mix for planting out your seeds, and sow thinly.

Is there any chance that your Sparaxis have mingled with Tritonia? Some of that species can be a fairly 'loud' orange. The bulbs are quite different, though.

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