Ficus Microcarpa brown leaf spot

jtuten(6)June 13, 2014

I have a Ficus Microcarpa that has developed a strange leaf spot that I can't identify. New leaves come in green, as you can see in the photo, but older leaves have either a series of spots or they start to turn brownish-yellow. I've trimmed some off but older leaves continue to degrade. Any ideas?

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Weird! I wonder if it isn't some kind of natural mutation (or if someone else here would know otherwise). Are the spots smooth or raised? And are leaves dying off or just looking funny? Have you fertilized with ???

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The spots are more like tiny dimples than smooth or raised. I've not fertilized it lately, but when I do I generally use a miracle grow water-based fertilizer. The leaves are not dying off and the plant seems remarkably healthy. I moved it to my office away from my other ficus bonsai at home and placed it under a full spectrum compact florescent lamp and it is covered with new growth, so I might just wait a week or two for it to full adjust to it's new home and trim the older, spotted leaves off. I also don't think it is a mutation as I have other bonsai that began as trimmings from this one that seem uninfected. But this guy was sitting on my balcony amongst many other ficus and none have developed this. Strange.

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