Unplanted Daffodils are Sprouting- Need Advice!

taupe79(z5 Illinois)March 5, 2009

At a family reunion late last fall, I bought some daffodil bulbs at the silent auction... I thought it would be cool to have some of the same bulbs my great-granmother and great-aunts had. Unfortunately, I never was able to get them in the ground, so they have been in the ziploc baggie (with air holes) that I purchased them in, sitting on a bookshelf.

I looked more closely at them today, and they are sprouting green shoots! I need some advice.. should I plant them indoors in potting soil and let them do their thing? How do I keep them happy until this fall when I can plant them in the ground?

As happy as I am to see them sprouting, ultimately, having them in the ground (so that they can multiply for my future generations) is most important to me. I don't want to drain them of their energy...

Any advice is very welcome!!

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hi, i would plant them indoors until they can go outside.keep them fertilized and in fall put them in the ground they won't flower because they didn't have a cold period but you need to build up the blubs for next years bloom ralfsmom

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Go ahead and pot them up. Daffodils do not require chilling to bloom and whether they bloom or not they will be preserved for planting in the fall. Al

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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

They may bloom if potted, or they may not. Either way they will stay alive long enough to plant them in the ground.

I would put the pots outside in the sun when the weather warms up, so they can store up some energy to make blooms next spring. When they start to wither, plant them in the ground.

You could wait til fall to plant, like Al says, but I know at my house they would get damaged, rotten or forgotten by then, lol.

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