crinum care question

rebaru(z5 QC)March 20, 2011

I got a crinum bulb last spring, and it had the most amazing flowers in the summer. i brought the pot indoors - i live in zone 5, and haven't watered it since january. there are still green leaves. now that warm weather is on the way, should i cut off the leaves when i start watering it, or leave them? i hope i have treated it appropriately, because i would be sad if it didn't flower this summer! any advice? thanks!

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

A southern gardener could probably give better advice, but I'd leave the leaves on. I think they usually hold onto leaves all winter when they are growing outdoors in warmer zones.

I saw a combo pack of un-named amaryllis and crinium bulbs at one of the warehouse stores.... I was very tempted by the bulk pricing but then remembered my 2011-no-more-amaryllis-purchases rule. hmmmmmm.

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I have some here that stay out through the winter where our lowest temperature is about 26 degrees for three or four times a year. They keep their leaves through the winter, where the Hippeastrum do not, at least in our temperatures. Our total rainfall is in the winter so they never dry out. When the weather warms and they start growing I would feed them. Al

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