What type of bonsai do I have?

fuskiJune 3, 2009

I recently purchased a 4 year old bonsai tree, it had a little label on it, but the woman I purchased it from removed the label when I bought it and I shortly thereafter realized I really needed to know what kind of tree it was.

It's characteristics are as follows. It has a narrow darkish, grayish, trunk and it has short, light green pine needles that circle around the branches and only seem to grow one side of the trunk. The trunks texture is a bit spiny towards the top.

I guess I assume its some sort of pine tree, but I'm really not sure and I've noticed some yellowing near the trunk on a few of the branches and I can't remember if that was there when I got it. Your assistance is appreciated, I'd hate to be the end of this little tree, and I want it to live a full productive life as it seems to have the potential to be really mighty and beautiful in the end.

Just need to identify it so I can provide the environment it needs.

Please and thank you.

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A picture or 2 would really help.

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I know, sorry, I don't own a camera or have any way to transmit pictures onto a computer, unfortunately.

Though I'm beginning to suspect it's a cedar.

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LOL the only person in the whole world without a camera phone or digital camera...oh dear!!!

Well, you found the forum so I guess you can Google, go back and look for species/pictures of conifers and other trees. It could be a cedar, it could be a larch, could be a few others. They are northern hardy, love lots of water but need well drained soil.

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Alright, I'll look at those. Ha, yeah, it's ridiculous, I'm aware, just something I have yet to splurge on. Thank you for the suggestions, I'll see how they compare.

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As a bonsai owner the name of your bonsai plant should labeled on the pot. Lesson learned next time see to it the name is there it is very important that the information about the bonsai you are buying is given to the buyer for his/reference.

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