kapok tree

ray_ratliff(z10 South Florida)June 2, 2008

Hi, I want to see if anyone has grown a kapok tree as a bonsai? I am interested in it because of its deciduous flowering habits. Any feedback about your experiences with growing this type of tree as a bonsai would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Wouldn't the flowers be too large for bonsai - fruit and flowers won't 'reduce' as leaves do, so only trees with small fruit are used, and only rarely would a somewhat large flower be tried, and then only a couple of blooms allowed to open (as with hibiscus) so as not to be completely out of proportion to the rest of the tree, even a relatively large one.

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ray_ratliff(z10 South Florida)

Good point Lucy! Maybe just dwarfing the tree is a better idea than trying to make a full fledged bonsai out of it.


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I say go for it! Its worth a try...But its best to make it a large one for reasons already said,but if u want the tree to be small and completely clustered with colors this is the tree for it! =D just keep your distance as the tree will smell! Come on as a bonsaist as long as you shape it as art and grow it respectively at once he is on the right path! Good Luck! P.S. I am going to do the same thing when i move to florida =D

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I found this site. I thought it was interesting.


Hope it can help.

Gardener Guy

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does anyone know when this tree matures? I wanted to know so when i bonsai it i know when to expect the first blooms.

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I do own a kapok bonsai wich was grown from seed and is about 3 years old I've had no problemes with the tree has is quite a hardy plant my first kapok tree looked horrible becuase it was thin and long but my second one i kept in a shallow pot for about 2 years and kept feeding it water so it started to swell very fast and is now in a deeper pot so that it can gain length becuase the leaves are big so i'm trying to keep it in proportion

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