Need advice on growing "Japanese Pagoda" Bonsai

AmerikajinzachJune 14, 2013

Hey everyone, I am brand new to the art of bonsai. I started a tree from seed about two-three months ago and need advice.

These are the exact seeds i used

I have looked around trying to find instructions on raising this type of tree but can't find any information, with a couple people saying there are no such thing as Japanese pagoda trees O.o

It is about 9.5 inces tall.
my camera freaked out and pictures look strange

I would love advice on when to start trimming and other general care.

the bottom of the plant is turning brownish, is this bad?

If you could also point me in the direction of a good guide for my type of bonsai i would be very grateful, Thank you.

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See link: You have a lot of growing to do.


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