Question that has been asked a hundred times....

dobie1029March 1, 2009

I know this question has been asked a bunch and I think I know the answer. Just wanted some reassurance from you all. I am a daylily lover and not really positive in my knowledge of tulips.

So I purchased some beautiful red tulips that are tipped in gold. I received them in early November and put them into the garage till I got a day to plant them. Come mid to late January I FINALLY remembered all those beautiful bulbs still out in the garage. They were kept in their white bag (with holes) back behind my husbands tool box the entire time. Since it was the back of the garage it rarely got any sunlight even when the door was open. We did have a rather cold winter for us. Several times it got down to the low teens.

There were two types of tulips that we forgotten. The pink ones are already starting to come up.

The beautiful red ones are what I'm worried about. There was no growth on them when they were planted in Jan and it stayed cold for another few weeks. Then it warmed up some (mid 60's) and we are now expecting snow tonight.

Lots of info for ya'll. I'm thinking they will be fine just a later blooming tulip than the pinks. What do ya'll think?


Jennie E

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I'm thinking they will be fine just a later blooming tulip than the pinks. What do ya'll think?

I'm with you and am optimistic that they will just emerge later since they have only been in the ground for about 4-6 weeks.

If you think of it, please keep us posted.


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I believe most bulbs will take time to develop a root system after they're planted, so don't fret... they may pop up yet, and perhaps they are simply a later blooming variety.

I just potted up some daffys I forgot about last fall... they're beginning to sprout, but I think they'll probably throw some energy into rooting before growing too much above the soil. If it works, it works... if not, oh well. I tried!

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Good news for me....those tulips are starting to come up. I'm so excited and glad that my forgetfulness didn't ruin them.

Yay for spring!

Jennie E

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how about Nepeta (catmint)?

Cultural Notes:
Nepeta is one of those plants that thrives on neglect. Too much fertilizer will only make it grow lots of flimsy foliage. A lean soil and somewhat dry growing conditions will encourage both flowers and scent.
Many of the newer varieties of nepeta are sterile, producing no viable seeds. This is a plus if you donÂt like the weedy, self-seeding habit of older nepeta varieties, but it means you will need to either buy plants or make plants from divisions or cuttings.

Maintenance: Most Nepetas will rebloom if sheared back after their initial flowering. Some wonÂt provide much of a second show, but their foliage will be refreshed and tidied by the shearing. Division is not a requirement, but if youÂd like more plants, Nepeta responds well to division in the spring.

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Nevermind. I responded to the wrong post. LOL

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