desert rose blooms

dickjohn1(7)June 28, 2014

I have two desert roses. Both have leaves, but only one blooms. The blooms will develop, but die when they begin to open.

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Is it getting as much light as the first one? Without more info on its living conditions how can we advise you at all?

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Both are sitting side by side outside and received perhaps 9 hours of son, 4 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. I try not to over water them, and generally water every other day until the water drains from the soil. I have the two planted in bonsai pots.

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Genetics? Don't mean to be flip or anything, but sometimes there is no other answer... is the soil mix the same for both? Is one pot black (and possibly unshaded for what might be too-hot sun) and the other lighter colored? Have you checked for e.g. spider mites?

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Thanks for responses.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Sometimes mine do this after it rains.. I have a lot of adeniums. You do have yours in a fast draining mix? Fertilizing?

Seems like the only bud drop I get sometimes is due to to much water... Mother Nature... ;-)

Good luck!!!


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