Raising a Juniper Indoors

jbonsai(8)June 7, 2006

I just got a Juniper bonsai for a gift, so I'm kind of new at this and I was wondering how to raise my Juniper bonsai indoors or if there are some tips on raising it would help me out a lot.

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Tips - Keep it outdoors for life, or get it ready for a short life. It will not thrive or survive for long inside, even if it seems to be doing ok at the moment (spring makes everything look easy!). Don't water til more of the soil than less is dry. DO change the soil for coarse loam plus lots of small unpainted aquarium gravel (2/3 of the mix) and don't put pebbles on the bottom. Do locate it in the sun, but prop a white tile against the pot's sunny side to keep roots from cooking. Do find a local bonsai club to join and see how things are actually done. Do read lots of books on bonsai. If there's a layer of pebbles glued to the surface, pry it off yesterday and discard. Don't water by immersion, just from above and do it well.

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Well, what are some good indoor bonsai trees.

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Any of the ficus grow good indoor, but grow better out door unless its below 50 or so out side. Your in Texas, you most likly have AC running indoor all the time. This will drop your indoor humidity very low, bad for most plants. Do some research and find what plants will thrive with low humidity, low light and what ever temp your house is. I live in Florida, all my plants are either on the lani (indirect light, high humidity) or on the front porch (direct sun, high humidity). We will bring in an orchid while its flowering for the smell or while guests are over, then its back out side.
Do you live on the coast in Texas where the out door humidity is high or in land where its much lower?

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There are many books specifically on the topic of indoor bonsai trees (and there are many types that are very suitable for indoor life!). They are often organized by the type of tree, with tips on how to care for them, optimal location/conditions, etc. Check out your local library; they probably have a wealth of knowledge (not so easily contained within a forum post!).


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Thanks guys yall are a big help, but do yall think that the Juniper can live outdoors in the Texas heat.

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Yes, if you take care of it well, but you need to consider all factors, and light shade to start out with is probably best. Watering will obviously be a different story than it would up north where even in a good fast draining bonsai mix junipers croak from being watered too often - you might have the opposite problem, so keep a close eye on it.

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Thanks everybody yall have been a big help

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bill_ftmyers_fl, I live more inland where the humidity is much lower, so is there any tips on how to give more humidity to my Juniper bonsai and there are little pieces of my bonsai turning brown and I was wondering if there was any thing I could do to revive it.Actually very little is turning brown, just some if the tips, but still I need help reviving it.

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Any tree living outside does not need extra humidity supps. If your tree is turning brown from the tips, you are probably watering too often and/or the tree needs to be repotted into faster draining (gritty) soil. It's definitely not a good sign and needs to be addressed right away if it's not already too late. I'm sorry for the gloom and doom, but once you see such signs, and the foliage becomes 'hard' and inflexible, only putting the tree outdoors, in a good bonsai mix, may possibly save it.

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Thanks everybody

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I read that the brown tips on juniper meant it needed more moisture for the foliage. It said to pinch it off.

As for the humidity question, use the light when you get it (from your other post). Put water in the rock tray that the plant sits on. It acts as a humidity tray. As the water evaporates, it creates an atmosphere of humidity around the plant. I am in the southern part of Houston, and even with the air on, my house is NOT dry. I still mist my juniper and my ginseng ficus daily.

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Thank you so much tanyag, I just hope my juniper can live for a little while longer.

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Brown tips on a juniper means it's on its way out, down and dying. It can also mean, in one (or more) individual places that you've used scissors to cut foliage rather than pinching with your fingers, as conifer tips will brown as a result of scissor cuts, but that's not the same at all as having all tips brown with or without your having cut them, and the brown (rustiness) spread to the rest of the tree. Tanya - I'm sorry if I've offended you somewhere along the way, but I do suggest that you do some further reading on bonsai and trees in general, and perhaps you won't be quite so offended once you realize where I'm coming from.

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zube100(z8 NWOrygun)

Stop and think for a moment, people. Where do junipers grow in the wild? On the fringe of the desert. If you want an indoor tree, there are some species that are suitable. Juniper is not one of them. Tanya, may I ask how long you have kept your juniper alive indoors?

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where i live it gets very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, where should i keep my juniper bonsai????

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What do I do if it's to cold for my bonsi to be out door I live in Minnesota

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What KIND of tree do you have? It matters!

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