Fukien tea tree bonsai

kel27June 22, 2014


The leaves of my tree are turning yellow and dropping off. Here is a picture of my tree; as you can see there are a couple of branches leafless already. I have only south or north windows in my apartment and I have the tree on the south side. I've had the tree for almost a month now and I water it once the soil is dry (I stick a chopstick to see if the soil is dry or not). To water it I place the tree in a tray filled with water for 5 to 8 minutes and I spray the tree from the top. It keeps loosing many leaves every day. Please help!!!

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Hi - stop watering from the bottom, all you're doing is rotting roots. Water from the top and do it when the top inch of soil is dry unless the soil is literally still sodden from the previous watering, in which case you need a better mix, because FT's do like being watered relatively often compared to a lot of other trees. And stop spraying it - instead, get some kind of tray that's a fair amount wider than the pot, and the tray should have about a 1" rim. Fill the tray with pebbles and water (and make sure there's water there every day, but NOT enough to 'top' the pebbles, a bit less actually because you don't want water wicking into the pot. Then keep the pot on that for humidity, though possibly even in an old large aquarium for better control, though nothing air tight. And give it a couple of weeks to see how it does. What it doesn't need are those heavy pebbles on top - no good reason for them to be on that plant.

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