Juniper Bonsai Basic?

char027June 13, 2014

I just received a Juniper Bonsai as a gift from a friend. I've read the basics of care that came with the tree as well as instructions on various online sites. However, most of these instructions are not specific to caring for this lovely tree in the AZ desert. The one site that had AZ specific instructions did not help much because everything on it sounded like a foreign language.

Therefore, I need a simple clear explanation of how not to kill this lovely tree. Keep in mind, I know little about desert life (having lived in the Midwest until a year ago) and even less about juniper bonsai. Thanks in advance.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Outdoors year-round, and probably grown under a shade-cloth or trellis or in filtered sunlight (if the plant is in a typical bonsai container). Use a nice porous mix of finely-screened conifer bark, perlite, and other porous grit (pumice, scoria, turface, DE, et cetera). Water and fertilize regularly during the growing season.


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Thanks for the feedback.

I did not even realize this message had posted because I got an error message when I posted it. I have since posted a more detailed message and hope to get additional feedback regarding the specific challenges of dealing with this tree in the AZ heat.

BTW-When is "the growing season"?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

The main growing season is when the tree is most active, basically late Winter to late Autumn. Water it year-round, of course, but fertilize with a much lighter dose during the deep Winter when growth has slowed.


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