Worm and other bugs in new bonsai. Am I doing this correctly?

amychan331June 1, 2014

Today is the third day that I got my new bonsai, but it is also the second day that I caught a second worm. *Shivers*
This is the second times I brought a bonsai. The last one got devastated by thrips in about 5 days. This time I am determinate not to lose the battle again. I was really careful with my inspection, and I am armed soapy water and mosquito dunks.
Alas, there was a green worm crawling on the leaves the first day. Then another today TRYING TO GET IN THE BUD today. I freaked out and promptly cut them in half with my pruner before manically squished with tissue paper - as indoor gardener that generally grow from seed, worm is something I haven't dealt with yet. Frankly, they give me the shiver.
I already watered the soil with mosquito dunks the first day I got (I saw two fungal gnats), but if the worms are above soil and possibility in the buds... what can I do? What type of worm attacks bonsai buds, anyway?
By way, I also notice some webbing that stuck a bud and leaves together today. It is strong and I can't seem to get it apart, so I chopped the part off to prevent spreading and thoroughly spray and cotton swab the plant. It sounds like spider mites, right?

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Hi, don't mean to be mean, but.. did you not carefully examine the tree before buying it? Dig around a bit in the soil near the top if nothing else, and look at the leaves, etc?

You could try Safer's Insect Soap Spray following directions, and see what happens, but up here in Canada I'm not sure what else is available there except to ask local nurseries what they might recommend.

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Not mean at all! I did examined the tree, but only the leaves. It seems ok then. I caught a small fly when I look at it again in the car, but I thought it was a fungal gnat.
I am new to gardening, so I am not surprise I miss something, but the worm is definitely a shocker. I will look into the soil too from now on. Thanks!

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If it's do-able, take it back and complain - get another one that's bug and worm free!

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