Van Sion/Plenus Reversion or Virus?

oath5(z6b/7a MD)March 22, 2010

I'm 20 years old and live in a little farmhouse house that dates back either to the late 20's to 30's. I even found a 50's Red Rider BB Gun in the rafters of the basement!

Anyway, we always have had tons of daffodils on the property, and I guess have been there for a while, since many have stopped blooming and need dividing- but I had always remembered them as single ordinary daffodils ala King Alfred, Carlton or Ice Follies...and then I noticed they started doing this.....

Did they revert to Van Sion or had Van Sion/plenus just not be double for 15+ years....because to me these look exactly like pictures of Van Sion when I google imagesearch.

Some bloom great, as you can see, but not all flowers open up, and after dividing some, some are very weak growers.

Any insight would be awesome...this is very odd to me!


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Careful you will shoot your eye out!

That sure looks like Van Sion to me. Interesting you have not seen them in the 15 years you have lived there.


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They look healthy :)

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