bulbs in container help....please

earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)March 26, 2013

this is the first year i put bulbs in containers...daffs, hyacinth, tulips, etc. couldn't resist, hit a killer sale at an opportune time. anyway, put bunches in the ground and then the rest in about a dozen different containers, all at the right depth, etc.

all the bulbs in the ground around my property are peeking through, even with this insane non-spring, snowy weather, but not a lick of anything green, tip or otherwise, popping up in the containers.

any ideas...do these take longer?


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2nd posting...

Here is a link that might be useful: Pennsylvania forum

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Well Earthly I'm certainly not an expert on container bulb planting, in fact this is my 1st year too, but it would seem like the one's in the container would come up the same time as the one's in the ground if they were planted at the same time. When did you plant them? I'm wondering that because I too got a GREAT deal on the bulbs I planted in containers & my ones in the ground beat them up by a ton but they've been in the ground for a couple of years and I didn't put the container bulbs in until Jan and yes mine are just now starting to peak up (by peak I mean I just saw something YESTERDAY) so with mine I'm not sure if it was the late plant or the fact that they're in containers. But hey mine are just coming up so maybe you still have hope. :)

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The bulbs may have rotted after freezing too hard. My thoought would be they should actually warm and grow sooner. May want to dig them up and see if nothing happens soon.

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