Can I transplant my bulbs NOW?

fauxbois(5)March 14, 2009

So I spent a lot of money on bulbs last fall (giant alliums mostly) and I just found out that I have to move! My new place is just five minutes away (so there's no concern about the change in temperature), but I'm wondering if it would be OK to transplant my bulbs now?

They've just started to burst from the ground. If I dig them up now and replant them, will they be OK?

I have perennials that will also need to be moved (this is the problem with collecting plants as a renter), but I can come back for them in May/June. I could come back for the bulbs later as well, but I'm thinking it would be best to move them before they started to flower. Thoughts and advice?

Thanks so much,


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I would think it would be fine to dig them now, providing you dig deep and wide and try not to disturb the soil on the roots anymore than need be. I'd have their new 'home' prepped and ready to plant them immediately after lifting them. I'd be afraid to leave them until later, not knowing what the next renter might do to them. They might break them all off so there would be no way of finding them.

If you can't prep the soil yet for replanting, I would just pot them up and plant them out later, with all of the potting soil left on the bulbs.

Good luck! I would also move the perennials soon too, as later when it is a lot warmer, it might stress them.


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Thanks Sue! Tomorrow is going to be a balmy 60 degrees and I was thinking of doing in then... the perennials are really OK to move now too? I have russian sage, lavender, gayflower, black eyed susans, giardia, and blazing star.

Thanks so much for writing!

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Yes I agree, go ahead Meghan, move them all, times a wasting. Al

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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

Not ideal, but if you want to try, you should do it now. Try to take lots of dirt along with the bulb and minimize the time spent out of the ground. You may have some of the flowers die, but the bulbs themselves will survive and probably bloom next year. Take the perennials, too.

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leisa_in_md(z6 MD)

When is the best time to move bulbs? I want to redo the flower bed, but don't want to kill what's in there. I've got crocus and small tulips. The crocus are blooming already, but not the tulips. Thanks!!

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timbershort(zone 9 LA)

how do i post a question on this thing? i am new to this site. I have amaryllis bulbs. if i dig them up and not ready to replant them, how can i save the bulbs until i am ready to replant them? any advice greatly appreciated. please email me the instructions so i can post this question for other viewers. thanks.

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timbershort(zone 9 LA)

i figured it out how to post my own questions. thanks. i still am new to all of this. lol

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Leisa ~~ the best time to move bulbs is when their foliage has yellowed. Usually that's a couple months after bloom.

Welcome Timbershort.

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Moving them 'in the green' , after bloom, but before foliage withers, will not harm them.

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