Identifying bulbs

kimcocoMarch 16, 2009

Another question -

Since I have multiple bulb varieties planted in layers in a large container, is there an easy way to identify one bulb from another at transplant time? I have muscari, tulips, daffodils, hyacinth and crocus(?) in these containers.

I know the tulips were the largest bulbs, muscari were the smallest, and as far as the other bulbs I wouldn't know how to tell them apart if and when I transplant them in the garden.


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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

I just plant the bulbs soon after they finish blooming, before the foliage yellows, so I know what they all are. They seem to like that because their leaves get a lot of sun and they are well-settled by the time spring rolls around next year.

But if you decide to wait until fall, which is the traditional bulb-planting time:

Tulip bulbs are large, distinctly teardrop-shaped and smooth under a single, one-piece tunic (papery covering). Daffodils can be different sizes, and are lightbulb-shaped, kinda ridgy, with messy, peely tunics. Muscari bulbs look like that too, but are smaller. Crocuses kind of look like shelled hazelnuts and are wider & squatter than other bulbs. Their tunics are stringy and fiberous. (They are corms, not true bulbs.) Hyacinths are large, symmetrical, pretty bulbs and have either white or purple tunics, depending on the variety.

You could also try googling images of "Hyacinth bulbs" (quotation marks included) and see if you get any pics.

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Thanks Ladychroe - that helps a lot.

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