Ornithogalum arabicum with floppy foiage

steve22802(7a VA)March 3, 2011

I have several Ornithogalum arabicum bulbs in pots and while they bloom ok the foliage flops all over for me. Is this normal behavior for this plant? Does anyone else have experience growing these bulbs either in pots or in the ground? I suspect part of the problem may be that I start them out indoors (where there is less light) because they are frost sensitive and then eventually move them out on my deck to bloom in March as the weather warms. They are listed as hardy to 15 degrees F so maybe I should just go ahead and move them out to the deck sooner...? Any thoughts or experiences to share?

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Might be a red herring...

I grow O thyrsoides and O t dubium. Dubium is frost-tender for me (as arabicum is for you).

Right now, after recent repotting, both are in active leaf growth. It's early autumn for me and the temperatures are still up into the high teens/early twenties celcius with rain coming at least weekly.

Perhaps if you were able to plant up and water in the autumn, then bring in to a south or west facing window-sill, or even under a grow-tube, you could develop and retain sturdier leaves. Not a lot sturdier - they seem to be a bit floppity, even when grown outdoors as the chincherinchee is.

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steve22802(7a VA)

Vetivert8, Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm surprised that O. dubium is not hardy for you. According to the listings it's rated as hardy to zone 8b (-9.4C or 15F.) I'm also trying a few dubium in pots this year for the first time.

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