When do I move crocus that have bloomed?

tangerine_z6(6)March 26, 2009

I want to move some clumps of crocus that are blooming right now to a different area. When is the best time to do this? Last year I planted annuals over them starting in May. Thanks.

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If most of the leaves are yellow, you can move them. You might have to delay your annual planting by just a couple of weeks. Or, if you dig up a nice big clump of dirt with them, still waiting as late as possible, they might do all right, even if the leaves are still green. Crocus are shallower than many other bulbs, so it should be easier to get your shovel under them. Good luck.


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You can do it right now. No need to wait til withering foliage. They are very hardy durable little corms, nothing stops them. I've moved many, even while blooming.

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Thanks for your responses. I think I'll go ahead now and move them...things can't get much worse for them with the dog stepping on them now and again.

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