my bonsai is dying (Ginseng Ficus)

balekuJuly 14, 2014

Please help me about this problem. What should I do?

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You've given zero info on how you're taking care of it (how much water how often - or based on what criteria, how much light, how long you've had it, etc. etc.). It certainly looks ok considering you decided it's dying :-), though I would think it's not in the best mix for the tree and probably has been watered too often (I do see the trunk business you were probably trying to show us). Can you be a bit more specific about what worries you? Also, I wonder if such a narrow (if deep enough) pot is the best place for it.

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I check the soil, if it's dry I water twice a week. It was near the window, after the trunk started to wrinkle, I carried it to a place with no direct light. I thougt it started to wrinkle because of too much sun light. Are the wrinkles caused by too much water?
Do you think the pot is too narrow? I changed the pot 3 months ago, should I change it with a wider one?

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I think it needs a lot more sun and lot less water. And a grittier mix so it drains a lot faster, and leave the pot alone til October. Google care of ficus (many versions to get a consensus) to understand how to take care of them. It probably needs higher humidity (NOT water in the soil) to thrive.

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Thank you for the advices. I put the pot near the window again. Hope it will get better with less water.

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from the looks of things your tree must remain indoors, But can receive good lighting outside with no direct light or your leaves will burn, with a top soil with extremely well drainage. If the pot you have it in was bought with the tree at Walmart or at any other store I would recommend finding one specifically for good drainage and re pot immediately !!

this tree requires very good drainage, and a good amount of sun.

what I have learned form Bonsai Research is that once you have a tree in one spot it is not recommended moving it to much. it must remain there, so if you've moved it to a spot where it gets light; this spot must and should be your trees new place..

Also from the looks of your pictures I think that the soil is not draining well and you could be doing things as directed but harming it at the same time.

Drainage is VITAL in Bonsai .. to much water causes root rot and will kill your tree.

I would let the soil dry, and do an emergency repot to a pot with good drainage and a top soil with good minerals and excellent drainage.

IF you are going to repot as an emergency have your tools ready to do this as fast as possible,

new pot with good drainage
good soil - that provides good drainage
and a root stimulator to help with shock

do this fast !! Do the research !!

I've attached a link for you !!

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NO 'stimulator' to help with shock - won't work anyhow as it's made to stimulate roots, not help 'shock', and it loves the sun unless the poster's in Arizona, so why would you advise shade?

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I do not need to explain, check the link I provided. .
I am no expert just shared bits of information I read in the article I shared.

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"Just ensure you don't allow full sunlight all of the time. This will burn your leaves!" I read that to mean ... don't allow full sunlight ALL of the time. I do take exception to watering to ANY schedule for any tree. It is vital that anyone doing bonsai learn from their trees just what and how much of anything is needed when and not any other way. Sorry!

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