Repotting stressed bonsai?

aesir22July 3, 2013

Hi all,

So a friend of mine, seeing I'm interested in bonsai, kindly bought me one. It was reduced to ã4 because essentially it looks like hell lol. Still green under the bark but the leaves have shrivelled and dried.

Its in the typical compacted rubbish soil. Would I be best leaving it in this soil, waiting for it to come back to life under better care, or pot it into my own bonsai mix? I don't wanna stress it out more but if the rubbish spil is the problem i dont want it getting worse!

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I would pull it out of the container and without any work or anythin, chuck it in a larger container with good quality bonsaimix. THat would stimulate roots to form outsite the current rootball, without disturbing whatever life may be left in the rootbal.

Here is a link that might be useful: bonsai first aid

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Its in terrible shape lol I seriously doubt it will survive. Cut all the dead stuff off it. It was severely pot bound. I soaked it in water and teased the roots free then planted it in 70% inorganic bonsai mix in a larger pot. Its inside a clear bag with the top open a bit to improve humidity in a sunny but not too bright place. I hope it does survive. Looking at the branch structure under all the mess, it has real potential!

I have some small measure of hope. The roots still looked in good health - pale and brown and strong, no sludge or rot that I could see. It's totally bald now lol, with a lot of dead and criss-crossed branches cut away. Fingers crossed!

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Out of curiosity would anyone know what type of tree this is? I kinda thought it looked like a sageretia theezans (sp?) but I'm a novice lol so could be wrong!

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