trade amaryllis bulbs for lily of the nile bulbs??

timbershort(zone 9 LA)March 24, 2009

anyone want to trade me their purple lily of the nile bulbs for my red amaryllis bulbs? if interested let me know. not sure how we can trade them. im sure there is a way to mail them to each other?? just let me know if interested. thanks.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi timbershort,

Welcome to Garden Web and The Bulb Forum.

There is a Exchange side of the forum here...just click the link above the list of threads Switch to Exchange. Well, now I see you found it and even posted to a thread, but the thread is a year old.

Before trying to do any trading I would suggest you get your email link set up on your Member Page so you can be reached. I also suggest that you update your Member Page so it shows your location in the one box provided for the garden zone. See I am zone 5/6 S IN
Many members, myself included will not respond to trade posts if the member does not have their location on their member profile. It is a postage, days in transit, hardiness, etc thing that is considered. By placing your location in your zone box, it will be displayed on your Member Page, and it will automatically be shown whenever you post. It is good info to have whenever asking or answering questions.

Please see addressing newbie and newer member issues for instructions on getting both your email link and your location set up. last thing. After you get set up for tading (link and location) you might want to make a trade post at The (main) Plant Exchange. It is a lot more active than the other specialty exchanges like here at Bulbs.



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