Back with bonsai!

aesir22July 1, 2013

Hi all,

So a few years ago I jumped headfirst into Bonsai. Probably over-cared for them, and they all died :( but I now find myself older, wiser, with my own place and a reignited passion for bonsai. I got a fukien tea - this was my first bonsai before and I loved it. And I'm about to get a... Serissa! Argh! Lol. I jad
One before and it did really well for a couple of years (til I went on holiday). I know they're tough work but I adore them!

Just repotted the fukien from the claggy peat soil it was bought in and planted it in a mix of small aquarian gravel and a tough of peat free compost 80/20. Excited to see how it does!

Anyway, just a quick hi to introduce myself :)

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Here he is, lookin a little sorry for himself! Hoping he'll grow some decent foliage through the year!

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And my serissa just arrived today (gulp)

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Another pic

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