tulips -- how deep do they go?

ljpother(3a)March 17, 2010

I have a lovely bed of tulips beside the house. For two years I have dug bulbs out of the bed. The first year to thin out part of the bed and the second to dig up Jerusalem Artichokes. Both years I dug down at least eight inches and pulled some bulbs from under the sidewalk. Most of the bulbs I found were close to eight inches deep. In the spring, there are neat rows of tulips I planted and clumps of stronger plants I missed. Would the bulbs have been planted that deep?

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tulips are usually planted at 6 to 8 inches deep, but i believe that they are known to pull themselves down further by their roots. So they may be deeper than their original planting depth.

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I don't think I replanted that deep, twice the depth of the bulb. I'm afraid I'll never see them again if I plant deeper. We can't plant below the frost line -- at least 12" probably much deeper.

If they're that deep I can just plant most things over them.

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