Looking for suggestions for a raised bed in FL.

jsvand5March 4, 2010

I have a 12 foot long 4 foot deep raised blueberry bed in Zone 9 FL. I would like to put a row of some type of bulb around the front and side to dress it up a bit. My problem is that this bed gets full sun from dawn until dusk. I was hoping for a few different colors of Callas, but I am not sure if they will handle the sun ok. Any ideas? Thanks for any help.

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Also meant to mention that I want something that will come back in the spring. We tend to get a few hard freezes a season so I am figuring they will die down to the ground, but I would rather not have to replant every year.

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I wouldn't bet on callas, but you could try tuberose or rain lilies for summer and fall show, and freesias for late winter-spring effects.

Kevin : )

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I like the freesia suggestion. They would multiply and lean over the planter's edges. Shorter daffodils like Tete a Tete could also be used. Alternate groupings? The freesias bloom over a longer period.

For summer bedding dahlias are sun lovers & colorful. Only long hard freezes do them in.

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