transplanting wild bulbs

batyabethMarch 23, 2009

I'm a lurker from other forums; I've tried posting and although it's considered rude, I'm posting again here in the hopes of getting an answer, as time is of the essence. I have many wild cyclamen in my current garden. I am moving in June (the hottest, driest June you can imagine)and the new owners of my house will pour concrete over and wipe out my ten year old garden within weeks of moving in. I'd like to save as many wild cyclamen - and everything else - as possible, so my question is how? How to dig perfectly happy, wild cyclamen and take them with me? Those growing between cracks in cement and rock - I live on a mountain - I'll probably have to leave, but how about any accessible ones? Perfectly happy wild anemone, too, BTW. My ground is still somewhat moist from our winter rains, but in, say, three weeks, there will be no more rain till Oct. I know now is the time, but I need advice on the particulars. Many thanks.........Batya

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

I would pot up as many as you can between now and then, starting now. Instead of so many individual pots, you might use something like a kitty litter pan or some disposable aluminum roasting pans if you have access to such things. I always have a bunch of the plastic tubs that patients are given at the hospital, and then take with them when they are released. are perfectly welcome to post here anytime you want to, in my opinion so long as it is about bulbs. I don't consider it rude. You are among bulb loving friends here.

Good luck!


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Sorry to be such a doofus, but when you say pot up, that's just digging the bulbs and putting them in dry medium until I plant them again at the end of next fall? Aren't I supposed to wait for the leaves of the muscari, anemone, cyclamen, calla and narcissus to get dry and yellow before I pull them out and store them? Most of my gardening is herbs, perennials and annuals (lobelia, daisies, pansies)etc. I've been here ten years and the wild stuff is mostly bulbs. We never frost here, and rain is a thing of the past beyond April, would I keep them in a cool cupboard, or outside during our blazing summers? Thanks.
P.S. The rudeness was double posting the same question on more than one forum. GardenWeb is the most civil bunch of folks, so forum manners count! Except on Hot Topics of course......Batya

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greenmulberry(5-Iowa City)

Since they have leaves, by "pot up" it is meant to actually plant them in containers, and keep them watered and cared for(as much as they would usually need if they were in the ground) and let them go through their natural cycle in the pots. When the leaves die down, store them like normal bulbs.

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