Should i take my lemons off my tree.

maile67January 28, 2012

Hi I'm a newbie here and I have been always coming here for great advice. My problem if it is, is that my Eureka lemon tree about 3 feet tall had late blooms and i had lemons coming in at winter time. Well it's still on the tree about 17 of them and their about the size of a golfball, should i take them off or leave them alone. I also have new flowers coming in already please help. I'm just very excited i have lemons on my tree.

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A young lemon tree can often have more fruit than the limbs can carry, leading to broken limbs by time they are ripe. You may need to remove some, but I would not remove them all. Al

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Thank you very much for the advice. I should have asked this too, right now it's in miracle grow cactus mix with perlite, i hear that is a taboo mix should i repot with the 5-1-1- mix that i have heard so much about right now?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

You should re-pot, in my opinion, but *not* right now. Citrus can be re-potted in the Spring.


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Well i do live in south florida and we have been having really warm weather 80's so I'm hoping that it would be okay to repot because it's been so warm. We did have a big frost that came thru for two days it got down to 29 and it was cold. I now have to nurse my areca palms, frangipani, and my garden back to health. Thanks again for the help with my lemons and I know i'll be back for more advice.

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