Identification - Possibly a Lily

sweetlydarkMarch 17, 2009

Hoping some one can help me ID this plant. I am assuming it's a type of lily but I can't seem to find a good match. It's starting to bloom again but I never found a name for it.

Here are the picture from the first bloom (quite a bit back):

While I'm here I'll also through these up too and see if anyone has an idea of a name.

My mother acquired this from my grandmothers house and I noticed it was starting to bloom in the most curious way.

I just can't find the name which is driving me crazy since I thought finding the name to a plant with purple leaves (under side of leaf) would be a lot more easier.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

The first one has the look of a Hippeastrum and the second looks similar to a Rhoeo bermudensis(aka 'Moses in a cradle').

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I found the second one just before I checked here but you're right anyhow, except its a different variety. I found it as Tradescantia spathacea (it says its Moses-in-a-Basket). The one you refer to is a dwarf variety that is quite pretty with its white strips.

As for the first one I did some looking and your right again I found Hippeastrum puniceum aka barbados lily (mmmh thats pretty close by) which looks exactly like mine.

Thanks a lot for the help!

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