Spring Surprises!

bveronicoMarch 30, 2014

This is my first Spring in this home and my first time seeing what the backyard has hidden beneath the dirt. I knew when we moved in last July that there were a few bulbs since there were two areas with what appeared to be daffodil leaves languishing in the shade. But for a couple weeks now I have been amazed each time I venture out back to see so many new things popping up everywhere in the dirt. The yard is about 16 feet wide by 55 feet long, and the last 20 feet is dirt with an apple tree in the middle. All around the apple tree tulips, daffodils (I think) and crocus are popping up. Everywhere! At first I noticed only two areas showing some tulip leaves and two areas showing daffodil leaves, but a few days later, three more tulip leaves showing in various areas over there, and crocus leaves showing over here, then some mystery shoots in the corner, and more next to it of a different plant, and today I went out and five times as many crocus bunches are evident as well as a bunch more tulip leaves, and something I hadn't seen before but I noticed as I was pulling back some of the chickweed that is overrunning the place. They are only about 1 inch tall now, but I noticed a couple other areas with similar shoots coming up and I am only guessing they are a type of bulb because I am not a bulb gardener myself, but someone living here previously sure was! I am so excited to see what blooms and how many different types of plants are hidden back there!
Some of the many mystery plants coming up:

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I bet the original planter would be thrilled to know the new residents appreciate their work.

Look a bit like hyacinths. Post their bloom!

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

That's exciting! I hope you get plenty of blooms too. I'm a little envious, when I bought my first run-down house I couldn't believe that in the hundred years of its history not a single bulb remained.... Or ever was planted.

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Thank you Iris_gal! I will post many pics in the near future I think! :)

Kato_b, I also find that really surprising! Today I took another picture of the yard which shows easily the tulip and daffodil leaves as well as the blooming crocus, but what's not so easy to see is that the whole yard has crocus leaves popping up just everywhere. I was amazed! I think some of the green things coming up might even be day-lilies! In a week or two, this picture would have much more color I'm guessing. :-)

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Looks lovely! I cannot wait to see all the blooms. My house had 1 daffodil in the Spring. I am envious of yours!

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Yesterday I was so happy to make another discovery - what my sister identified for me as Siberian Squill. I saw four plants so far, and one was blooming and two had multiple buds. I've included one of the less blurry pics I was able to snap.

I also confirmed today that the lone hosta that was in residence when we moved in has finally broken ground. I'm happy to see it return. And I also noted that something I planted myself last fall has appeared - two Trillium are poking through the soil! I think I planted 9 total but I'm amazed anything is coming up this first year.

It has been quite a "green" week for me, as my Japanese Toad Lilies and a Clematis I had ordered last month also arrived and were planted. I'm so pepped for the sunshine and spending more time outdoors!

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I went back earlier this week to see what this plant had turned into but couldn't find it anywhere. Now I realize it was actually the Siberian Squill just coming up and I didn't connect it with the plants identified by my sister as Squill because they were already fully grown and blooming when I noticed them. LOL! Right now the Squill is pretty much done blooming and there are three tulips that look ready to open in a day or two but nothing else yet.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

With luck, the Scilla siberica will self seed all over your lawn. It naturalized very easily and the leaves die down early enough to not get in the way of rational mowing. I have zillions of them all over my yard and they are just about over as of this week.
Give them a few weeks to let the seed mature before mowing, and they will give you a real pleasure in years to come.


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ellenr22 - NJ - Zone 6b/7a

what fun for you and for us!
I look forward to seeing more pictures.

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Here's two tulips that have greeted us! Looks like there may be one more tulip bloom from another plant before the season is over. We're wondering if it will be the same color or different.

The daffodils don't seem likely to have any blooms this year, which is a shame but not surprising. Perhaps the bunch of leaves in the corner that resemble some kind of lily will produce? We shall see!

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